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Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Cover - Pup n Shop

Dog Car Seat Cover

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Keep your car looking brand new while your best pal enjoys comfy long car rides

The Pup N Shop dog seat cover with mesh visual window means you can check the pet’s behavior and its mood at any time making it easier to protect your dog from any uneasy feelings. Moreover, the mesh window of the dog car seat cover allows the air flow to back seat, keeping a cool environment for your lovely pet. Dog car hammock design provides all-around protection and comfort for the driver and their furry friend.


ADJUSTABLE MATAnchor the mat with adjustable snap buckles! Anti-slip zipper design makes it easy to secure, while creating a zip-able opening for your pet to get out of the vehicle! The waterproofed material makes this mat easy to clean up after your pet, without the mess ever touching your car's seats! Avoid fees from detailing services or getting your car cleaned!

MESH VIEWING WINDOW & STORAGE POCKET: This dog seat cover convertible dog car hammock has a mesh window barrier that allows pets and you to see each other easily for safer driving. Extra pocket design for easy storing your dog’s toys or food.

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